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A little disappointed at the warp station Edo in Tsukuba Mirai city

Ibaragi Area

At the end of Tsukuba sightseeing, it was Warp Station Edo. The location is as follows, in the south of Tsukuba city, west of Ushigumauma. Although we are in GW, the parking lot is vacant and the atmosphere seems not popular. Near the facility entrance, there is a disappointing guide. It says “Photo and video shooting prohibited”.・・・

I took a foreign friend and went sightseeing in Asakusa Sensoji

Tokyo Area

I recently went to sightseeing in Asakusa Sensoji with my American friend. Where is Asakura? Kamigami underground parking lot is convenient if weekday. If you are going by car, you can use the Kaminarimon underground parking lot at the parking lot on weekdays. The place is near Kaminarimon. Kaminari gate is visible in the back・・・

Climbed the observatory of Tokyo Sky Tree

Tokyo Area

A sunny weekend, the university’s classmate living in California came to Japan on business, so I went to Tokyo SkyTree with him. Since I came from Matsudo area, I get off at Sky Tree Station. If you come from Tokyo visit, you can also go from Oshigami station. For some reason, Tokyo is hiragana “tokyo”.・・・

Snorkeling tour in the blue cave of Okinawa Maeda Misaki

Okinawa Area

The highlight of travel in Okinawa is to go snorkeling tour in the blue cave of Meiwada cape. As a result of seeing various reviews, I decided to take care of the island club. The blue cave in Okinawa is a cave in Maeda cape of Onna village in Okinawa Prefecture, fascinated by the mysterious blue・・・

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