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Archive List for Okinawa Area

Beautiful sunset near Zanpa Beach in Okinawa

If you are traveling in Okinawa, I strongly suggest you to visit Zanpa-misaki at sunset time because you can see beautiful sunset there. We found the place by chance. Originally, we were thinking to visit Zanpa-misaki for sightseeing, but since we spent too much time at Nago area, the time when arrived at Zanpamisaki was […]

Snorkeling tour in the blue cave of Okinawa Maeda Misaki

The highlight of travel in Okinawa is to go snorkeling tour in the blue cave of Meiwada cape. As a result of seeing various reviews, I decided to take care of the island club. The blue cave in Okinawa is a cave in Maeda cape of Onna village in Okinawa Prefecture, fascinated by the mysterious blue […]