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Let’s peek into hell! Nokogiriyama day trip guide

What is Nokogiriyama? If you want to go to Chiba Prefecture for sightseeing, you’ll definitely want to visit Nokogiriyama. The meaning of Nokogiri is saw and Yama means mountain. Therefore, Nokogiriyama means Saw Mountain. If you have a chance to visit there, I think you can understand why. It is a mountain located at the […]

I went to the “Tokyo German Village” reputed as one of the leading Kanto illuminations in a severe crowd season

I went to the vicious crowd season in “Tokyo German village” reputed for word of mouth lighting of Kanto and reviews. Although it is Tokyo village, it is in the middle between Ichihara City and Kisarazu City called Sodegaura. It is possible to arrive in approximately 5 minutes from Tateyama Expressway “Anesaki Sodegaura IC” in […]