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Meiji Jingu, a sacred silence shinto shrine in Tokyo

Tokyo Area

One of the places I personally like among the many spots in Tokyo is Meiji Shrine. The Meiji Shrine is a shrine that enshrines the Emperor Meiji and Shogen Princess and was built in 1920. It marks the 100th anniversary of the Olympic year. Hatsumode is also known as a shrine that collects the number・・・

Roppongi “Gonpachi” = the Kill Bill Restaurant in Tokyo

Tokyo Area

Do you know Roppongi “Gonpachi”? This restaurant is called as the Kill Bill Restaurant. Business hours: 11:30 to 3:30 The only drawback of this shop is that the location is far from the station. It will be access from Roppongi Station or Hiroo Station, but it will take about 10 minutes on foot each. There are・・・

Using cheap parking lot, leisurely Shibamata tourism

Tokyo Area

The other day, I went to Shibamata area with my family. Shibamata park parking lot is recommended if going to Shibamata sightseeing Shibamata park parking lot is recommended if going to Shibamata sightseeing. Even if you stop for 1 day, it’s only 500 yen. I think that it is unqualified considering that it is a・・・

I took a foreign friend and went sightseeing in Asakusa Sensoji

Tokyo Area

I recently went to sightseeing in Asakusa Sensoji with my American friend. Where is Asakura? Kamigami underground parking lot is convenient if weekday. If you are going by car, you can use the Kaminarimon underground parking lot at the parking lot on weekdays. The place is near Kaminarimon. Kaminari gate is visible in the back・・・

Climbed the observatory of Tokyo Sky Tree

Tokyo Area

A sunny weekend, the university’s classmate living in California came to Japan on business, so I went to Tokyo SkyTree with him. Since I came from Matsudo area, I get off at Sky Tree Station. If you come from Tokyo visit, you can also go from Oshigami station. For some reason, Tokyo is hiragana “tokyo”.・・・

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