Roppongi “Gonpachi” =  the Kill Bill Restaurant in Tokyo

Do you know Roppongi “Gonpachi”? This restaurant is called as the Kill Bill Restaurant.


Business hours: 11:30 to 3:30

The only drawback of this shop is that the location is far from the station. It will be access from Roppongi Station or Hiroo Station, but it will take about 10 minutes on foot each.
There are cherry trees outside the store. Unfortunately this time it’s already scattered.



Why is it called Killville restaurant, it seems that this shop was used for shooting Killville. It certainly seemed like I had seen somewhere when I entered the shop. At first I thought that it was really taken here, but when asking acquaintance, it seems that the director of Kilville who caught in this store made a set of the same design in Hollywood. (Confirmation required)
Well, to be honest, I think that this place is clearly different from Japan. Rather than Japan, is it such as American Japanese? It is a space like Chinese culture, Japan and South Korea when it comes from JAPA ‘s servant. Lol

However, it seems pretty foreigner uke will be pretty, and whenever I go, I am crowded with many foreigners.

Although it is a price to worry, the lunch is pretty reasonable around 1,000 yen. However, on a honest basis the taste is quite normal.



Pricing is also set for courses from 2000 yen. In this case you can order with confidence.