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Archive List for Ibaragi Area

Tsukuba’s largest shopping mall “Aeon Mall Tsukuba”

I would like to stop by when visiting Tsukuba City, Tsukuba’s largest shopping mall “AEON Mall Tsukuba”. Speaking of Tsukuba’s largest shopping mall, there is also Eas Tsukuba, but I think that “Aeon Mall Tsukuba” is bigger. I would like to introduce a little bit of points I thought to stop by this time. Miraiya […]

JAXA Tsukuba Space Center’s exhibition hall tour is free!

The JAXA Tsukuba Space Center here surely comes out in Tsukuba sightseeing. Fee is free, no reservation required. You can stop by without being concerned about crowds even in GW. When you go by car you will receive this parking card from the security guard at the entrance. The parking lot is like this. I […]

A little disappointed at the warp station Edo in Tsukuba Mirai city

At the end of Tsukuba sightseeing, it was Warp Station Edo. The location is as follows, in the south of Tsukuba city, west of Ushigumauma. Although we are in GW, the parking lot is vacant and the atmosphere seems not popular. Near the facility entrance, there is a disappointing guide. It says “Photo and video shooting prohibited”. […]